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Secret Academy Episode - Andy Frisella

If you watched our previous Secret Academy episode or have followed him on instagram, it will come as no surprise to you as to why we chose Andy Frisella as our 2014 Secret Entourage Entrepreneur of the Year. CEO and co-founder of 1st Phorm and S2 Supplement Superstores, Andy is the perfect example of what separates the great from the good. From sales lessons he learned as a kid to how and why Andy and his partner Chris didn’t take home a paycheck their first three years in business, Andy shares with us his story which epitomizes what it means to have humble beginnings. Relentlessly displaying an unwavering resilience and commitment to achieving success no matter the cost, Andy is revolutionizing his industry and standing out as a real leader among entrepreneurs. By building a value-driven culture and consistently focusing on putting passion over a paycheck, Andy’s success story is both impressive, inspirational, and definitive of what the true meaning of entrepreneurship really is.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The sales and entrepreneurship lessons Andy learned from his dad
  • How his lack of capital forced Andy and his partner to be incredibly resourceful when opening their first store
  • How they were able to bring in and retain customers to their first store without doing any marketing or advertising
  • How they survived the first 8 months without making over $200 in a single day
  • Why they didn’t take home a paycheck for the first 3 years and how he stayed the course for 10 years without making over $40,000
  • How and why 1st Phorm came to life
  • The culture they created which allowed them to stand out amongst their competitors and galvanize a following of loyal customers who have become #phamily
  • Why he doesn’t think he’s “made it” yet
  • The difference between a million dollar company and having a million dollars in your pocket
  • Why investing in other people and helping them grow is an indispensable quality of true leadership in business
  • The importance of following passion over paychecks
  • His 3 biggest tips for success as an entrepreneur
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