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Secret Academy Episode - Cameron Fous

Unlike his family that had businesses in the clothing industry, Cameron Fous had an interest in finance, particularly the stock market, where he went to school to become a stock broker. After selling his BMW M3 to help fund his trading account, Cameron quickly lost $10,000 and continued to see losses for several years. As a result, Cameron had to take a job bartending in order to make ends meet. Not giving up, Cameron studied the market and different strategies from various websites online to eventually discover a winning strategy that gave him breakthrough month of $30k revenue at age 23. For the past 7 years, Cameron has a successful track record of net profits month of month and today runs, a website where other students can follow along and learn the exact strategies and principles Cameron uses to make six figures a month.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Where Cameron got his entrepreneur traits from
  • How it felt to sell his BMW M3 to help fund his trading account
  • How to bounce back and continue after osing $10,000 in the stock market
  • The trading strategy that works after taking 3 years of losses
  • The impact of the stock market crash in 2008 and how Cameron recovered
  • Differences between day trading and swing trading
  • The rules of trading you must follow in order to keep your losses to a minimum
  • How to know when to cut your losses quick and get rid of a stock
  • Why losing is normal when trading but how you lose matters
  • Differences between shorting stocks and holding stocks
  • How to get your mindset prepped through paper stock trading
  • Why Cameron decided to teach others and how he started
  • The different products Cameron offers and how he determines price
  • How he still makes six figures a month with zero search engine traffic
  • The single biggest mistake he admits that he should of done earlier
  • Why it's ok to finance an exotic car even when you can pay cash
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