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Secret Academy Episode - Drew Canole

Drew Canole grew up in poverty with each parent working three jobs simultaneously just to make ends meet. The pains of his childhood drove him to master the craft of making as much money as possible. What started out as an ego-driven mentality towards making money slowly evolved into wanting to create a movement for healthy lifestyles. Drew documented his journey going from 20% body fat to just under 7% body fat and cultivated a community of followers and influencers that would lead to a wildly successful and lucrative business called Organifi; an organic, all natural, vegan, non GMO superfood blend.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Drew was able to grow a social media community of 3 million with 30 ambassadors
  • Why niching down is the key to success in the industry
  • Started his business by offering one day transformation coaching for $10K which he now charges $25-50K for
  • Using the one-on-one high end transformation coaching clients to fund his eventual physical products because he didn't have VC or investors lined up
  • Choosing the transformation coaching clients strategically and not just accepting any client
  • Using Facebook to sell digital products
  • At what specific point did he know he could start selling digital products
  • How he transitioned from coaching clients to selling digital products to selling physical products
  • What attributed to his exponential growth on social media
  • Selling on Clickbank
  • What is the most important thing you can do for your business
  • Retail sales versus direct online sales, and why he isn't pursuing retail sales at this time
  • How has self love contributed to his growth not just personally, but in his business as well
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