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Secret Academy Episode - Spencer Costanzo

At the age of only 20, Spencer Costanzo has released more than 200 apps with over 12 million users with zero outside funding and zero dollars spent on marketing. After deciding to skip college, Spencer focused full time on his app business where he set a goal of earning $275 per day which is the equivalent of $100,000 per year. Spencer quickly surpassed that goal and kept growing his portfolio and his earnings at the same time. The key to Spencer's success is not necessarily creating innovative game changer apps but rather scaling his app business by quickly capitalizing on trends and creating apps based on pre-existing frameworks. Today, Spencer has shifted into a different direction with Mochi Cart which is the first and easiest solution for creating a turn key mobile app ecommerce store.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The power of passive income through mobile apps
  • Spencer's first app idea and how he came up with it
  • Why Spencer decided to forgo college after a taste of success
  • How to pick the right keywords and the secret tools used to help
  • Tricks to analyze the top trends to understand the competition
  • How to scale your app business to millions of users with $0 on marketing
  • What are the baselines for judging a success or failure for apps
  • Why Mochi Cart is going to be a game charger in the app space
  • Reasons why goal settings can sometimes hurt you than help you
  • How to deal with copy cat apps an developers
  • The logic behind one good app vs many decent apps
  • Where should you focus your effort on between iOS and Android
  • Why Spencer went from all paid apps to free only now
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