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Secret Academy Episode - Juan Jimenez

As a child living in Columbia South America, Juan Jimenez witnessed perhaps some of the most gruesome events he would ever have to endure in his lifetime. Columbia was in a state of turmoil that spread to the civilians resulting in mass killings through kidnappings, bombings, and other warfare-like catastrophes. The worst was yet to come and Juan lost contact with his parents one day when a massive explosion rocked a church they were at while Juan was across the city at a friends house. Fearing that his parents were dead, Juan immediately rushed to the church only to find land mines filled the pathway inside. For over 6 months Juan's parents were missing but found alive in captivity in the outskirts of the city. Miraculously, Juan was able to get in contact with his father and together they paid a ransom to free his mother. They immediately sought refuge in Canada where they have made it their home for over a decade. With nothing more than $60 in his pocket, Juan worked as many as 4 jobs a day to put himself through college to studio human kinetics where he ultimately found his passion with helping others through personal training and nutrition assistance. Clients lead to competitions and competitions lead to business opportunities. Today, Juan is the founder of Active Body Nutrition, Canada's leading vitamin and supplement store, with 8 locations in Canada and another 10 franchises in the works.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The CRAZY story Juan's childhood including his parents kidnapping
  • Why Juan decided to come to Canada instead of the USA
  • How Juan made ends meet working as many as 4 jobs in a single day
  • Why Juan decided to pursue a degree in human kinetics at one of the best schools
  • The evolution of Juan's passion and career that lead to personal training
  • How Juan became a well known fitness expert both online and offline
  • What motivates Juan and why he pushes so hard everyday
  • Why his first franchise business didn't work out and why he decided to start his own
  • The pros and cons of having a brick and mortar store vs online ecommerce website
  • The top 5 key things you need to run a successful franchise business
  • Other investment opportunities Juan has made to diversify his portfolio
  • The secret to learning business and entrepreneurship with no experience
  • Why its better to hire and grow slow rather than fast and quick
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