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Secret Academy Episode - Sean Gagnon

Sean Gagnon's story of entrepreneurship is truly an example of how work ethic and putting in the hard work beyond what people expect pays off. Wanting to become a personal trainer, Sean started interning at a health club doing any and all jobs asked of him. The owner of the clubs was so impressed by his work ethic that he offered him a partnership opportunity years later to help run his gyms and become involved with fitness products he was selling. Under The Abs Company, they've sold products via infomercials and in retail that have become household names: The Ab Roller and Ab Coaster, which have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to date.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • His journey of leaving the internship to pursue academia, and then to come back to the gym leading to a business opportunity that would change his life
  • How one successful product can lead to other potentially successful products to emerge
  • The two types of infomercials, and how much each costs to launch
  • What profit margin you need to be making in the infomercial space
  • What he believes was the one thing that made their products so successful
  • Using infomercials to drive retail presence and using commercials/retail for legitimacy of the product
  • How to make a good commercial that will generate interest in a product
  • Use of crowd-funding campaigns to gauge interest in a product
  • Which social media platforms are best, and how to use them
  • Taking risks, relying on experiences and background, and be willing to listen to the consumer
  • Sales numbers don't lie
  • You have to be willing to give back and be grateful everyday
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