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Secret Academy Episode - David and Jamie Orr

Jamie and David Orr come from science education and business development backgrounds respectfully, and they decided to make the move to Lake Tahoe to pursue their own business. Lake Tahoe was a frequent vacationing spot for them, and they fell in love with the small yet diverse community there. Jamie and David noticed a lack of cohesiveness in the professional community of South Lake Tahoe and thus set out to find a solution. Having experience working from home, they wanted to create an environment where business professionals of all sectors could come together and collaborate. Tahoe Mountain Lab was their solution: an office space for individuals wanting to rent out just a desk or private office to work in with amenities such as a conference room, internet, printer, scanner, snacks, and refreshments. Being a shared workspace, people can interact with other professionals and bounce ideas off one another. Tahoe Mountain Lab was founded in February of 2014 and boasts an 80-100% occupancy rate year round.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How the co-working space model is similar to a gym membership
  • What the "bread and butter" of their business is
  • How co-working is also beneficial to those renting out private offices
  • Renting versus buying a building for office space
  • What types of insurance clients and Tahoe Mountain Club maintain
  • Where 20% of their business comes from
  • Utilizing social media, Craigslist, and sponsoring local groups to market the business
  • The biggest challenge in purchasing commercial real estate
  • What are distressed properties and why they are undervalued
  • Tips for working with a spouse
  • The hardest part of transitioning from a corporate job to being an entrepreneur
  • Advice to those trying to get into the co-working arena
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