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Secret Academy Episode - Wade Eyerly

Wade Eyerly started off working fundraising for the US president, made his way into a US intelligence agency and after deployment, decided to change up his career path. Having a pilot for a younger brother, they came up with an innovative business idea for the airline industry that utilizes a monthly “All-You-Can-Fly” subscription-based model – Surf Air was born. Launching at approx. $15M/yr. in revenue with flights between 2-3 cities, they have now grown to about 15 cities in California, approx. $50M/yr. rev, and the company is currently valued at approximately $150M. With such explosive growth off the starting line, Wade took the challenge and ran with it.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • There is no success without failure
  • How to utilize investors for business funding
  • Do something different to attract attention
  • Launching a subscription-based business model in the airline industry
  • Consistent revenue streams in an industry with so many variables
  • The explosive growth of Surf Air
  • Reasons why Fly Beacon failed
  • Analyzing risks and strategies
  • Knowing when to cut your losses
  • Entrepreneurs are risk takers
  • Should you become an entrepreneur?
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