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Secret Academy Episode - Jordan Harbinger

Have you ever been out and noticed certain individuals get VIP treatment wherever they go? Sometimes they cut the lines, or even get free drinks or meals. For Jordan Harbinger, this was the life he lived during his stint as an attorney in law school. However, this way of life wasn't just granted, it was earned through the constant pursuit of relationship building and bringing value to others around him. As others started to notice Jordan's lifestyle, including his suave behavior with women, they began to question how he did it. With more and more requests to learn, Jordan became a coach where regular guys would throw thousands of dollars at him to transform them from ordinary guys to extraordinary men. With such a demand, Jordan founded The Art of Charm podcast, a podcast that has reached as high as Top 39 overall and gets 1 million downloads a month. Jordan has since turned the podcast into a full blown business with an academy online where he teaches thousands of guys confidence boosting, relationship building, dating and more.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The 'aha' moment that showed Jordan the power of relationships and networking
  • The life changes Jordan applied immediately to improve this circle of friends
  • Why social and people skills will always trump technical skills
  • How to grow your network by giving values to others around you without being salesy
  • The moment where Jordan realized he had followers who were willing to pay to learn
  • Why Jordan decided to go the podcasting route instead of writing a book
  • Lessons in growing a podcast media business and mistakes to look out for
  • How to overcome low business self-esteem and move forward
  • The revenue sources both offline and online that Jordan utilizes for 6 figure months
  • How to make an effective podcast with over 1 million downloads per month
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