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Secret Academy Episode - Daniel Gefen

Daniel Gefen has been featured in mainstream media and multiple major publications including Forbes, INC, CIO, Influencive, and has experience on both sides of the mic. Daniel has launched multiple successful businesses and is also the host of “Can I Pick Your Brain?”, which has been recently rated top 26 podcasts to listen to in 2017. Daniel’s guests have included over 100 highly influential people such as Jay Abraham, Yanik Silver, Russell Brunson, and fortune 500 founders. He is also the co-founder of Get Featured – a company that helps influences appear everywhere such as on podcasts and publications. Daniel’s mission is to help people discover their voice and share their message with the world.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Anyone who starts a business needs PR
  • How his success all flows back to his grandfather
  • How Daniel went from 6-figures, to broke, to semi-retired on passive earnings by 31
  • How Daniel discovered podcasting
  • The importance of building your own network first
  • Why 90% of people fail at networking
  • Become the person interested in everybody else
  • Don’t build relationships just to sell
  • If you should aim for small/local press, or go after big PR first
  • How Steve Sims got his client married in the Vatican
  • You never know what’s possible until you try
  • How Daniel gets such big names on his show
  • Two critical questions to ask yourself before you make any moves
  • How to be a great guest and speaker
  • The importance of keeping your content consistent
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