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Secret Academy Episode - Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin was a budding entrepreneur at a young age mowing lawns, starting an eBay store in high school, and selling odds and ends where he could to make a buck. He liked the idea of being in control of the status of his life rather than leaving the outcome to outside sources. A youth pastor at the church he attended made a great impression on Grant and led him down the path to becoming a youth pastor himself. He went to bible college, became a youth pastor at a local church, and discovered his love for speaking and communicating to other people. After his wife became pregnant with their first child, Grant decided to leave his position as a youth pastor to pursue a different career. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do right away, but eventually realized that his love for speaking could be made into a legitimate business. Today, he has spoken to over 400,000 people at over 500 events across the country and hosts The Speaker Lab, a podcast that educates people on speaking, and getting paid for it.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • You can't compare yourself to where someone is today, you have to look where they started
  • Work/life balance is something that is constantly fluctuating
  • If you can get really clear on where you want to be, then you will have more drive to get there
  • Finding people who are doing what you want to do will motivate you to move forward
  • You are the average of the five people you hang around the most
  • What made him leave his position as a youth pastor before he knew what he wanted to do next
  • Was able to transition to being a full-time speaker in 18 months
  • Steps he took to make his dream of being a speaker become reality
  • His personal definition of entrepreneurship and how he applies it to his own life
  • If you sacrifice now, then you can reap the benefits later
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