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Secret Academy Episode - Ben Krueger

Ben Krueger, the owner and operator of Authority Engine is an avid entrepreneur, marketer and adventurer, He started Authority Engine as a hub for podcasting information and services that re-define best practices to get your voice heard by exactly the type of people you want to reach out to. It wasn’t too long ago he was penned up in an office working the dreaded dead-end job but he resorted to listening to marketing and business podcasts until his ears bled. As he listened, he started researching, and learning more about podcasting as a personal interest. This quickly grew into voracious research trying to uncover what made certain podcasts wild successes, and others a flop. How were podcasters using their online shows to reach and surpass their business objectives? The more podcasters he talked to and research he did, he realized the raw power of what podcasting can do for an individual’s or a business’ success. He dedicated himself to digging deeper, learning everything there is to learn about strategic podcasting for business growth and acceleration. Since then he has built Authority Engine to implement his findings, test new approaches, work closely with clients to create and launch their podcasts.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to successfully launch and market a podcast.
  • What does Authority Engine do.
  • How he got started podcasting.
  • Why podcasts seem to be coming out everywhere.
  • How to make your podcast standout.
  • What the pros are doing and why?
  • How to market your podcast to #1.
  • How to accumulate great influencers.
  • How to generate revenue through podcasts.
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