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Secret Academy Episode - Dave Lukas

Being an entrepreneur for some is a choice made later in life and acted on by years of corporate knowledge and expierence. For others, like Dave Lukas, it’s in your blood from birth. Dave Lukas grew up with a side of the family who never went to college but still seemed to be incredibly successful in their own businesses. Seeing that as a child sparked a love for entrepreneurship that caught it’s first flame as him selling American flags to his neighbors with a 100% close rate even before he was in middle school! This created a drive to sell and succeed, and right out of college Dave started his own business. After numerous trial and error periods that we all go through, Dave found success in becoming the VP at one of the companies he had invested in, Grasp Technologies. Through all these journeys, successes, and failures, Dave realized that the people he had worked with, the family who raised him, and even he himself never fit a “Traditional” mold. So using all his past expierence and acquired knowledge Mr. Lukas began hosting the Misfit Entrepreneur podcast where he interviews successful entrepreneurs who never really made it in the traditional ways. Dave created this podcast to help shift and shape the minds of these aspiring entrepreneurs and now he is here to give you a lesson or two on what it takes to be a Misfit.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Be aware of your conditioning at all times.
  • Why all entrepreneurs are misfits.
  • Why little changes can set you up for being better in the long run.
  • Stop. Ask. Choose.
  • How to change your mind to react with less emotion and more thought.
  • Believing in others can help drive them to future success.
  • Failure is what teaches us things about ourselves we wouldn’t have ever learned.
  • Overnight success is EXTREMELY RARE, progressive success is the reality.
  • What should you do if you are wanting to be an entrepreneur but have NO idea where to start.
  • Consistency is the key to success.
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