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Secret Academy Episode - Brenton Hayden

At the age of 27, Brenton Hayden has achieved 'retirement' status by choice. Don't let that fool you though, Brenton still oversees his company, Renters Warehouse, albeit only checking in once or twice a week. None of this would of happened if Brenton didn't set a goal for himself at an early age to achieve this great milestone. A few strokes of luck but a lot of hard work paid off and now Renters Warehouse is run on auto-pilot thanks to incredible leadership and the expansion of franchises across the nation. With a net worth around $20 million, its safe to say Brenton has done very well for himself at age 27.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What Brenton did at age 20 to earn six figures a year
  • What he lost his job after making six figures
  • Why understanding data/analytics is key to success
  • Treating any position you undertake as your own business
  • What eventually lead him to get in the real estate market despite earning $35k/yr
  • Why he got laid off again right after getting hired
  • What he felt like to buy the company that laid him off
  • How to reduce overhead for higher profit margins
  • What to do with your money and investments instead of spending
  • How he turned Renters Warehouse into an automated and scalable business
  • The reality of retirement at 27
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