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Secret Academy Episode - Cody Sperber

This man needs no introduction because most of you have probably seen his advertisements all over social media. But for those of you who may not know him, Mr. Cody Sperber is a very well known and highly successful real estate investor, as well as one of the top teachers in the real estate space today. Cody started his real estate journey with no money to his name trying to flip any property he possibly could to get his name out there. Through a lot of trial and error, and some tough lessons from life itself, Cody has now done over 1,000+ deals, worth around $200M! A lot of people in this day and age want to get into the real estate market because they think it is easy and quick money, and while Cody says the industry itself is “Future Proof,” this industry isn’t some get rich quick scheme. Just like anything in life, you need to be willing to put in the work to see the true reward, and that is exactly what Cody has done. But unlike many self-proclaimed “real estate gurus,” Cody practices what he preaches. Not only does he make an effort to train and teach others how to find success in this field, but he continues to buy, sell, and rent his own properties every day. If you want to learn by example, then look no further and say hello to your new teacher: Mr. Cody Sperber, The Clever Investor.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How do you operate in the real estate investment market.
  • Will Real Estate will always be “future” proof.
  • How to leverage real estate with the advanced technology we have.
  • What disruption is forecasted in the real estate space.
  • How to be a master of the real estate game.
  • What tools do you need in your “real estate toolbox”.
  • The advantages of wholesaling.
  • How to learn the language of real estate.
  • Difference between real estate wholesaling and real estate investing.
  • Being solely money motivated doesn’t help you to succeed, you need passion and patience.
  • What qualities to look for when searching for a mentor.
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