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Secret Academy Episode - Simon Bai

After a successful career as a engineer of product development, Simon Bai left his day job and ventured into a totally new career as a restaurateur. His first restaurant was quick to capitalize on the frozen yogurt fad and soon after that, Simon launched a wine bar and a fusion Asian cuisine restaurant, all in the South Florida area. With most restaurants expected to fail within its first year of business but Simon Bai has perhaps found the recipe for opening a successful restaurant with three under his belt.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Simon went from a product engineer to restaurateur
  • How much capital is required to start your own restaurant
  • Which aspects of opening a restaurant costs the most
  • How to cut your costs and save money when opening a restaurant
  • How to hire great employees to give your customers great service
  • Why Simon has never done a single print advertisement
  • The online marketing strategies that work today for restaurants
  • How to leverage local nearby businesses for long term partnerships
  • What you can do for a seasonal business to pick up slack
  • How to handle negative reviews on online review sites
  • Why you shouldn't go the franchise route when opening a restaurant
  • The best piece of advice for anyone that wants to open a restaurant
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