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Secret Academy Episode - Mark Ferguson

Having a father in the real estate business, Mark Ferguson wanted to do something in a different field so he studied and earned his degree in finance. Unsuccessful job searches led him to join his father in the real estate business, and in 2001 he became a licensed realtor. After a few years of selling homes and also flipping houses on the side with his father, Mark became frustrated at the fact that he wasn't making as much money as he should have been given the effort and time he was putting in. Something needed to change. He calculated that he would need to sell 100 houses a year to make what he wanted, and instead of complaining about how impossible that was, he took that as motivation to actually sell that many houses per year. Thus, he went from selling 20 homes a year to 150 homes the following year. Using the knowledge he's learned from working alongside his father and a real estate company, Mark started as a resource for people wanting to learn about the real estate business.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Getting a real estate license, working for his father, and how he got started in the business
  • How Mark went from selling 20 houses per year to 150 houses per year in a short amount of time
  • Selling houses and flipping houses simultaneously
  • Investing in rental properties to supplement income and create long term income
  • Taking it slow is the way to go in the real estate business
  • The best way to become a real estate agent and be successful at selling houses
  • How to get multiple investment loans from banks
  • Being transparent helped his blog take off and gain popularity
  • His experience buying his first Lamborghini
  • 3 pieces of advice for anyone wanting to get into the real estate business
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