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Secret Academy Episode - Mark Ferguson

He’s so nice we had to feature him twice, Mr. Mark Ferguson is back for his second Secret Entourage Academy interview to talk more real estate and his blog Invest Four More. In his first episode Mark shared a lot with us about how he got his start in the real estate business. But now a few years later we are back to talk about the current state of the real estate market as it pertains to investment opportunities both big and small. Also since his last interview with us Mark has taken on a teaching role in the real estate world, keeping up with his successful blog: Invest Four More as well as starting a podcast, Youtube Channel, and writing 6 books! So we wanted to ensure that we have a follow up discussion to talk about the ever changing world of real estate.and of course all of Marks success in that realm.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Mark views the real estate industry today as an investor.
  • Buying a home to live in vs rental properties to invest in.
  • Why Mark avoids teaching wholesaling.
  • Don’t ever teach what you don’t know or aren’t passionate about.
  • Real estate wholesaling vs real estate investing.
  • Why real estate wholesaling isn’t as easy as most people think.
  • How to leverage lending to help your real estate investment grow.
  • How to protect your real estate investments for the upcoming correction.
  • Be careful taking real estate advice from non-real estate people.
  • The evolution from real estate agent to real estate investor.
  • Is the new wave of real estate investment a good or bad thing for the market.
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