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Secret Academy Episode - David Hassell

As a computer engineer working at a consulting firm, David could no longer see himself working behind a cubicle. It was not until his god father advised him that he was still young and that his mid twenties was the time to explore other options. David finally quit his job after 10 months and after a brief hiatus in Brazil, David created an online marketing agency in NYC with $5k in the bank which grew to over $100k in monthly revenue. David's latest venture is 15Five, an engagement tool to help facilitate better transparency and communication between managers and employees. While only 3 years old, 15Five is now used by clients like Sony, GoDaddy, Amazon, and more.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Taking the leap of faith of employee to entrepreneur
  • How to bootstrap a business through consulting
  • What he did to attain $10k/mo clients and eventually $100k/mo revenue
  • Why culture is performance and how to to create great company culture
  • How to motivate employees to accept change
  • What to look for when hiring employees for your team
  • How to lead a team as an entrepreneur rather than a business owner
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