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Secret Academy Episode - Shawn Nelson

While in high school, Shawn wanted to make an oversized bean bag, so he filled it with everything he could find – from packing peanuts to pillow and foam – chopped up on a paper cutter. The bean bag got so the attention of his friends from school that he had no choice but to start making more and selling them. “Lovesac” came to life as an alternative furniture retailer focused on comfort, sophistication and…excitement! After thirteen years, the company has expanded to 20+ stores in the U.S. and Australia. In addition to the Sacs, Nelson came up with a Lego-like concept for sectional sofas, called “Sactionals,” a patented concept making big waves in the furniture industry. Shawn has not only created an amazing business but has managed to win Rebel Billionaire, which has earned him the right to be president of Virgin Worldwide and work directly with Richard Branson.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The incredible birth of Lovesac.
  • How he made his personal chair a $100M+ business.
  • The failures of the product and its creation.
  • The evolution of Shawn as an entrepreneur.
  • The experience of working with Richard Branson.
  • What it was like to run Virgin Worldwide.
  • His biggest learning and regret.
  • The growth of Lovesac from product to brand.
  • Innovating the furniture industry.
  • Unintentional Birth of Sactionals.
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