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Secret Academy Episode - Travis Ketchum

Travis Ketchum is a performance marketing expert and entrepreneur. Having worked with celebrities, best-selling authors, and starting several companies before (including drop-shipping, affiliate shopping portals & more), he’s focused on creating a performance marketing suite of software that anybody can use. He is the Founder & CEO of Contest Domination, a powerful contest platform. Travis has implemented his techniques and software to generate millions of dollars in sales for both his companies and his clients. This has been achieved through innovative software, case studies, close attention to market trends, and ability to predict where markets are going vs. where they currently are.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to double your email list through contests.
  • What is Contest Domination.
  • How his past led him to understanding the power of contests.
  • How that discovery led to over $500,000 in revenue.
  • Why email lists matter.
  • Key tips to growing your email following faster.
  • How to use a contest properly to engage your audience.
  • Correlations of contests with growth.
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