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Secret Academy Episode - Andrew Weinreich

Andrew Weinreich is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. Not only does he have 7 startup companies and 2 patents under his belt, but he has now single handedly created an unparalleled educational bootcamp called “Andrew’s Roadmaps”. Andrew’s Roadmaps is the brainchild of a man who hasn’t left the game of Technological Entrepreneurship since 1995, when Weinreich founded the first ever social media platform, Six Degrees. Followed by companies such as MeetMoi and Xtify, Weinreich realized that he had a passion for the startup aspect of entrepreneurship. Building on his passion, Weinreich has taken Andrew’s Roadmaps all over the United States, helping thousands of startup founders develop every aspect of their business through his own practices and curriculum that challenges everything you thought you knew about entrepreneurship.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Look to the future and “build to the wave” to be successful
  • Stay close to those who could one day be buyers/resellers for your business
  • If you’re building to sell, you are building to fail
  • Know the “ecosystem” before you start-up: know the players (competition)
  • You have to have passion for your idea
  • Position yourself as a “visionary in your domain”
  • Vision Capital vs. Milestone Capital
  • Milestones- Points of validation
  • “Great founders predict their journeys”
  • Entrepreneurs have to find motivation to create momentum
  • Opportunity: 1. Vision; 2. Market Sizing; 3. Team
  • Niche vs. Broad Approach
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