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Secret Academy Episode - Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle studied finance in college and was able to get a job at a financial analyst at a small company right before the market crashed in 2008. After dealing with numerous clients who were miserable from losing money and butting heads with his boss who wasn't into implementing new methods or ideas, he decided that something needed to change. He proposed a pay cut to work remotely and after a month of negotiating, he was told that he should resign from the company. Instead of trying to save his job, Sean decided that this was his chance to do his own thing as an entrepreneur and travel the world. He started blogging to document his journey, and after building a strong following, Location Rebel was founded to teach others how to transition from working a job to becoming a successful online entrepreneur able to run a business from anywhere in the world. Today, Location Rebel has over 1600 members in 40 different countries.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What prompted Sean to propose a 50% pay cut to his boss
  • How he got started blogging, and how he was able to build a following
  • Establishing relationships with other entrepreneurs he wanted to emulate
  • You can't grow a business if you travel nonstop and don't have routine
  • Sean's 3-step process to transition from working a day job to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Two reasons why people fail as entrepreneurs
  • The more you showcase others successes instead of focusing on your own success, the more you will grow your business
  • There is only one fear in the world, and that is uncertainty
  • The three phases of uncertainty
  • Where Sean recommends entrepreneurs should visit and why
  • You should spend more time marketing a product than building it initially
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