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Secret Academy Episode - Tim Sykes

Starting with just $12,000 from his Bar Mitzvah money, Tim Sykes turned that into over $1.5 million in college by trading penny stocks. In just a few years of teaching he already has 2 students who have crossed $1 million in profits and have been featured on CNN/FOX. Many of his students are earning supplemental income or trading full time. To date, Tim has created two millionaire students. Are you ready to take the challenge?

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why penny stocks are better than traditional stocks
  • The difference between short selling and long
  • Why showcasing lifestyle is the best marketing tactic
  • How to identify trends and opportunities in the stock market
  • Why he went from trader to teacher and his goal to create millionaires
  • The best penny stock verticals to trade and watch
  • How to leverage the internet to grow your business
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