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Secret Academy Episode - Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson knew from a very early age that he never wanted to spend his career stuck behind a desk. He wanted to be out protecting others and serving his community. After serving in as a local police officer, Hanson joined the CIA, but left after years of tremendous service to start a family. Still having that desire to help serve and protect others Hanson turned his passion into his profession. He started his company Spy Escape & Evasion. A program designed to teach people how to protect themselves using top secret tricks he learned while in the CIA. Hanson soon became a house hold name after winning a deal in 2014 on ABC’s Shark Tank that helped him propel his business into more than a video course, but now soon to have two best-selling books and “Spy Schools” all over the world to help every man, woman, and child learn how to protect themselves.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Turning your passion into your profession creates a pathway to success on your entrepreneur journey.
  • Your past skill set can prove valuable in your future endeavors.
  • You have to be able to adapt in an ever changing world.
  • As your careers change and evolve, be sure to keep your interests aligned.
  • Resourcefulness is key to being an entrepreneur…. And a spy.
  • Flow with the evolution of your business, don’t let your fear hinder progress.
  • Look for innovative ways to get your company out there.
  • Even in a niche market, don’t forget to be able to be open to a different cliental.
  • Marketing and publicity go hand in hand and is key to being able to make your company notable and legitimate.
  • Be your own customer, know exactly what you are promoting and the market you are in from every possible point of view.
  • Direct Response Marketing is a key strategy to trial and error business.
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