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Secret Academy Episode - Jared Wesley & Anmol Singh

After 10 years of working on Wall Street, Jared Wesley learned how to trade so that he could take back his life and freedom. He was tired of the long hours, less than ideal bosses, and lack of flexibility. Trading turned out to be the best decision of his life as he developed a strategy and foundation and started mentoring other traders. One of these traders was Anmol Singh, who was able to catch on very quickly and soon was profiting $10K per week. Jared and Anmol along with a third partner decided to join forces and start Live Traders to help guide traders towards finding their own path to success using proper education and real experience.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Trading is a type of entrepreneurship
  • Making money in trading does not happen overnight
  • The one thing they noticed that was lacking in traders just starting out
  • It will be more difficult to be successful in trading if you are only money motivated
  • What is Forex
  • Reasons Forex is becoming more and more popular today even though it's been around even before the stock market.
  • Basic foundations versus strategies
  • How to find reputable Forex trading teaching programs
  • Why they encourage students to start trading with real money soon after they start learning
  • The reasons they choose to not use their lifestyles to leverage their business
  • Leave your ego at the door and come with an open mind
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