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Secret Academy Episode - Brian Foley

Upon graduating college, Brian Foley moved 30 miles away from Malibu to Santa Monica, CA. Remarkably, he was able to fit everything in car EXCEPT his mattress. After making numerous phone calls and hearing many excuses later, he decided to rent a UHAUL just to move his one mattress. Unfortunately, his truck driving skills proved to be less than stellar when he accidentally hit his new roommate's car while parking. This experience gave birth to an idea that there should be a service available where people who needed trucks could link up with people who had trucks to move furniture or other big items. Thus, Buddytruk was born.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Buddytruk works
  • What the difference is between a business owner and an entrepreneur
  • The biggest challenges he faced with Buddytruk
  • How he was able to quit his career in finance and go straight into starting a business
  • Dealing with getting the right insurance coverage
  • The two ways to make money
  • Raising money isn't everything when it comes to opening a business
  • The ceiling of your success is where you place it
  • Ultimately, those who risk the most will get the most out of life
  • Learn how to face all of the many unknowns in the world of entrepreneurship
  • Taking a good idea and getting the input to make it even better
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