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Secret Academy Episode - Caren Merrick

Caren Merrick is the CEO and founder of Pocket Mentor – an iTunes app for anyone with goals for improvement in self-awareness, leadership, discovering your strengths, and much more. Caren, alongside her husband, is also the co-founder of webMethods. Just as the internet was becoming popular, they grabbed at the opportunity to utilize the internet as a platform to connect global corporations with each other. Caren has plenty of advice and experience with gaining investors and getting the best outcomes with your funding. Caren took webMethods (while having $33 in her bank account at one point) and scaled it to the $200+ million yearly revenue it receives.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Caren became an entrepreneur
  • What drove Caren to become self-sufficient
  • How Caren and her husband came up with the idea for webMethods
  • Why investment funding is both a blessing and a curse
  • Seeing potential opportunity and preparing for it validating your business idea
  • Crossing $200M in revenue was not accomplished overnight
  • Caren’s experience with Angel Investors
  • How investor funding can give you a false sense of security
  • How not having access to investor funds forces you to dig into your talent
  • How Caren became an Angel Investor and mentor
  • How to take a want/need/problem and turn it into a successful business idea
  • How the previous generation relates to millennials
  • Caren’s advice for entrepreneurs
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