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Secret Academy Episode - Todd Heyden

Todd Heyden has always been a huge sports fan being an athlete from a young age all the way through college. He never thought he could incorporate his love for sports with his entrepreneurial spirit inspired by his grandfather and father who were both entrepreneurs themselves. He always pictured himself graduating college and someday climbing the ladder of a Fortune 500 company. After six years of working for the largest equipment and supply dealer in the food industry, Todd felt that he wasn't growing in his position and really wanted to challenge himself. He ended up working for a 7-person start-up company for a year and then at Groupon helping them launch Groupon Goods. During this time, he and his best friend were working on developing an app that would revolutionize the fantasy sports world. Sportslock was the customizable and mobile solution to fantasy sports and took three years to develop from a dream among two friends to a team that includes 12 engineers on staff.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The three best things Todd did in college that helped him in his future entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Why he started the sports business association which is now recognized nationwide in many universities
  • How does Sportslock work and how does it differ from other fantasy sports sites
  • In 2006, a law was passed that helped their business tremendously
  • Being successful at starting and running a business with your best friend
  • What specific elements are essential for a successful partnership
  • What three things have made his business successful and able to raise substantial capital funds
  • When you own your own business, you're always networking
  • Advantages of offering partial ownership to employees
  • Why are college-aged people are best for viral marketing
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