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Secret Academy Episode - Alan Knitowski

Alan Knitowski is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Phunware who in just five short years, has raised over $18 million in funding and cultivated a customer roster that consists of the NFL, Nascar, Qualcomm, The Discovery Channel, CBS, Rolling Stone, and so many more. Alan has created and led several companies to acquisition by some of the world’s most successful technology giants, and has now opened the door for businesses of any size to glean an entirely new mobile experience with Phunware.
 Each of these customers have hired Phunware to do one thing: provide everything they need to execute a successful mobile campaign, all on one platform. Or as Alan would call it: "Mobile-as-a-Service".

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How all-in-one platform are worth millions.
  • His story and growth an entrepreneur.
  • What is an all-in-one tech platform.
  • The evolution of his business to 7 figures in 24 months.
  • How to raise funds for your start-up.
  • Why most entrepreneurs fail.
  • How to balance life and work.
  • The best advice for your significant other on your journey.
  • The key to making your start-up start.
  • How to get started with tips for newbies.
  • Great infrastructure tips on how to get started.
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