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Secret Academy Episode - Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges was born in Michigan and knew early on that he wanted to be in the business world and interact with people. He was heavily inspired and influenced by his father who worked at Ford for 40 years in the marketing sector. Even though he already had it set in his mind that he wanted to become an entrepreneur, he decided to pursue a college education at Purdue to hone his skills in business. After receiving an undergraduate degree, he moved to Miami and got a job at TracFone Wireless doing market research. While in Florida, he decided to get his masters degree at University of Florida, and it was there that he met his future business partners. Chris and his cofounders realized that the growth in the economy in recent years has led to more and more job openings. Their idea was to create a mobile professional job network that connects job candidates to hiring companies called GoGig which will launch sometime this year.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he was able to learn how to interact with people in the business world
  • Why he decided to pursue a masters degree even though he already knew he wanted to start his own business
  • What he got out of his post graduate studies besides the actual curriculum
  • What was the ultimate goal that fueled his business decisions
  • How he came up with the concept of GoGig
  • Taking the strengths from multiple companies and bringing those ideas together
  • How to successfully launch a product two years in the making
  • Looking at the failures AND successes of other companies to improve your own product
  • Biggest advice for other entrepreneurs
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