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Secret Academy Episode - Brad Lea

You’ll find that the more and more you hear these entrepreneurs stories, most of them never planned on working for themselves one day. Brad Lea was the GM of one of the most successful Dodge car dealerships in the country at one point, and making about $300K a year with no issues. However, the people around him saw great potential in his teachings to his employees, and often sought help from Brad for training in their own lives. After realizing the large demand for this type of training, Brad developed his own technology for online training. Knowing full well that everything in business boils down to sales, Brad used his master closing skills to help propel LightSpeed VT to the point where it is today.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to effectively train your employees.
  • How to build an online training company.
  • Why don’t all people value training the way others do?
  • How to be a master closer.
  • Know that you can’t build a training module overnight, all good business growth takes time.
  • Don’t compete, collaborate.
  • How to pick the right customers to gain 100 customers after that.
  • Repetition is one of the best forms of retaining information.
  • Untrained employees are just soon to be lost employees.
  • How to train people in different circumstances: rich, poor, urban, metropolis, etc.
  • Sales is the bread and butter of any business.
  • Even as a entrepreneur you need to be a good salesperson of your own company.
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