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Secret Academy Episode - Kelly Lundberg

Kelly Lundberg was born in Scotland and decided in her early 20's that she wanted to travel the world. She moved to Dubai and became an air stewardess for Emirates Airlines to fulfill that dream while making a living at the same time. A self-proclaimed people-person, she frequently chatted with passengers about their travel plans and over time noticed a gap in the market of advising people where to go, what to see, where to shop, how to dress, etc. A lightbulb went off in Kelly's head, she took out a loan to start her own personal styling agency, and StyleMeDevine was born. What started out as one-on-one personal styling sessions and experiences for men and women wanting to feel fantastic in their clothes turned into corporate branding and teaching other personal stylists how to open their own businesses.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why she started working at Emirates Airlines
  • How she was able to take her passion for fashion and turn it into a successful business
  • Branching out from doing one-on-one styling to corporate branding and mentoring other stylists
  • Writing an e-book, making videos, and hosting workshops to teach styling
  • What her main goal was for her personal styling business
  • One of the first things she did at the beginning that really helped kick start her business
  • Why selling a service is a longer process than selling an actual product
  • What does being an entrepreneur mean to her
  • Three important steps to becoming a personal stylist
  • Ways to open a business in the Dubai free zone
  • Having passion is the most important part of starting and owning a business
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