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Secret Academy Episode - Dan Fleyshman

At the age of 17, Dan Fleyshman took his college fund savings of $43,000 and invested it into his trademarked 'Who's Your Daddy' brand. From there Dan put the 'Who's Your Daddy' name on everything from BBQ grills to apparel. His big break came when a $9.5 million licensing deal with STARTER came to fruition that put his clothes in six major department retail stores. During this time the energy drink phenomenon was booming and Dan launched an energy drink under the same name into 55,000 retail stores. At the age of 23, Dan took his company public and became the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company. 10 years after the birth of 'Who's Your Daddy' Dan resigned and launched Victory Poker, the 3rd largest online poker site until US regulations shut down online gambling in 2011. Seeking his next venture, Dan is now involved in Celebvidy, a new social media platform and app that allows consumers and celebrities to connect with each other starting at a small fee. If Dan isn't doing fundraising events for the homeless or advising his 18 other companies, you may see him playing poker among the regulars like Dan Bilzerian or other former WSOP winners.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The story behind the birth of 'Who's Your Daddy' brand
  • How Dan got his first million dollar order placed
  • The licensing deal that lead to a $9.5 mil contract with STARTER Apparel
  • Why Dan decided to get into a saturated energy drink business
  • How to market your drink differently to stand out from the rest
  • How Dan did $1 million in sales his first month of the energy drink
  • The impact of being the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company
  • Why Dan decided to resign from 'Who's Your Daddy' and get into online gambling
  • How Dan grew Victory Poker to the third largest poker site by month 8
  • The 'Black Friday' moment that shut down all online gambling in the US
  • The importance of diversifying your business portfolio
  • Comparing the emotional roller coaster between business and poker
  • Dan's true passion and purpose outside of business
  • The idea behind Celebvidy and why Dan believes this idea is his best
  • The keys to success that has allowed Dan continuous success
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