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Secret Academy Episode - David Gross

Equipped with the right degree and licenses to become a stock broker, David Gross had high hopes to pursue his dream out of college. Unfortunately, not everything was as described on paper and that quickly lead to a David looking for alternatives to escape not only his job but the rat race entirely. With a passion for watches, especially luxury timepieces, David took unwanted family watches and sold them for reasonable profit. Sensing a knack and opportunity for this, instead of pocketing his profits, David reinvested every penny into buying and selling more and more watches. Overtime, David was able to quit his job and open not one, but two retail locations of Bridge Street Jewelers across the US where you can buy, sell, and trade million dollars worth of luxury timepieces. By having an extensive and trusted list of clientele, David decided to close his storefront locations and focused on serving his best customers in a private office in Los Angeles. Only 28 years old, David is proud owner of Bridge Street Jewelers with several million dollars worth of inventory with brands like Patek, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, and more.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • David's first business and why he sold it after only 2 years
  • Why Corporate America was a huge disappointment
  • How David got his start with buying and selling watches
  • The first four brands of watches sold
  • Why you should always reinvest your profits instead of pocketing it
  • How David funded his business and grew his inventory
  • The reality of buying, selling, and trading luxury watches
  • The importance of store location and why David moved to Vail Colorado
  • Why David ultimately decided to close his stores after 8 years and go online/private
  • How to build trust and credibility in an industry full of scammers
  • How to get started buying and selling watches for profit
  • The evolution of the industry and why David focuses on volume sales
  • The toughest business experience struggle David has had to face
  • Important keys to success and the best advice David has for entrepreneurs
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