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Secret Academy Episode - Fabio Viviani

While people in America are privileged to work anywhere and anytime, internationally there is a different story. Kids often times have no choice but to work at an early age to provide for their family instead of going to school. The story holds true for Fabio Viviani who started his career in the hospitality business in Italy as a child. Hard work and ingenuity allowed him to go from worker to restaurant owner in a matter of years. With no money, lack of English, but the chase for the American dream, Fabio came to America and rebuilt his empire from the ground up. Today he has a $65 million business in various verticals from restaurants, coaching, publications, and a renowned celebrity chef on television.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Fabio got his start in the food industry back in Italy
  • Going from fired to re-hired and then a partner in a restaurant
  • Why Fabio's first business failed after 6 months in
  • Bouncing back by creating a service that bridged customers to restaurants
  • The $2.5 million business failure that Fabio's father went through
  • Moving to America with no job, no English capabilities, and no money
  • How Fabio opened his first restaurant in America
  • The story of how Fabio went from restauranteur to being on reality TV
  • How to leverage television properly to build your brand
  • The most common mistake young entrepreneurs make
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