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Secret Academy Episode - Brett Goldberg

Let me ask you a question. Would you ever create a product and go into a marketplace that is already dominated by two large giants, or titans in the industry? Probably not. Hence why Pepsi and Coca-Cola reign supreme in the Soda world. However, Brett Goldberg didn’t let the titans in his marketplace stop him, and thus begun his David and Goliath journey with Tick Pick. In the ticketing world we know the two big guys: StubHub and TicketMaster, but for a long time a lot of people weren’t happy with the way those two sites were run. Brett saw the complaints on message boards, review sites, etc and decided to turn those peoples complaints into this business model. Brett undercut StubHub and TicketMaster fees and has been able to alleviate that aspect on both buyer/seller for their purchase/selling of tickets via his platform, which makes both sides happier in the short and long term. Some people are scared to stand up to the big guys. especially when capital and marketing advantages aren’t on their side. They let their business idea fall short out of the defeated attitude that comes with the dominated market space and they go back to working a regular 9-5 with no end in site, but not Brett Goldberg.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to create a buyer to seller platform.
  • Enabling the seller to name their price gives them more control and usher them to your platform versus somewhere else.
  • How to create comparison algorithms to help the consumer.
  • Market research is key in formulating your business model.
  • How to come into a marketplace that is already dominated by giants.
  • In the beginning every single sale counts regardless of profit.
  • Creating a blog can help convey your message to consumers in a relaxed way.
  • Don’t be afraid to venture to outside channels to drive traffic to your business.
  • How to research your competition.
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