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Secret Academy Episode - Silvina Moschini

Better known as “Miss_Internet” on Twitter and social media, Silvina Moschini is a serial entrepreneur and considered an international expert on internet marketing and IT trends. Originally born and raised in Azul, Argentina, Sylvina found that her country had a lot of bureaucracy when it came to entrepreneurship, so she moved to the United States as a young adult to pursue even more opportunity. While she began her career in corporate America maintaining executive level positions at companies like Compaq and Visa International, it wasn’t long before her entrepreneurial spirit led her to break away and start her own PR / Social Media firm called Intuic in 2003, whose client list include household names like Google and Twitter, to name a few. From there, Sylvia’s journey as an entrepreneur has evolved and led to her co-founding Transparent Business, a disruptive web-based application revolutionizing virtual work, as well as becoming a frequent contributor and analyst on CNN.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How she overcame the transition and learning curve of coming from Corporate America to navigating entrepreneurship
  • The importance of realizing how the decisions you make in Corporate America affect your companies bottom line but as an entrepreneur your decisions affect your own pocket
  • Why she looks at business as an ecosystem and how she’s created an ecosystem of business that function synergistically within and around each other
  • How she has maintained a lean structure by focusing on a core team in charge of strategy and management
  • How to outsource people who are working remotely and still maintain accountability
  • How she’s achieved success in technology without being a “tech” person
  • Why and how she plans to take her company to an IPO in the next 5 years
  • The importance of looking forward but planning based around what you know you can execute on
  • Understanding the idea of shared risk when receiving money to start a business
  • How businesses can fail by launching when it’s not the time to market (and how this happened to her)
  • Common traits she sees in women entrepreneurs that can either help or hinder them
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