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Secret Academy Episode - Paul Berberian

Paul Berberian is the CEO of Sphero, a robotic and digital technology company that has changed the way humans connect their digital and physical lives and changed the way the world thinks about play. Paul has a background in the US Air Force Academy, 18 years of experience from founding and running seven high-tech companies, and a major driving-force behind Sphero’s success and continued growth.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why the plastic badge business is a bad idea
  • Research companies and how they built their success around a product
  • Picking a business idea doesn’t turn you into a billionaire immediately
  • Create an innovation within an industry
  • How Paul got his lava lamp idea
  • How to validate your idea is worth it
  • What to do if your product needs lots of upfront capital
  • Why to utilize investors instead of your own money
  • The cheapest marketing strategies
  • Establishing brand identity
  • High-end retailers vs. low-end
  • Success is from moments of being lucky and being prepared
  • Take risks while you have very little to lose
  • Without risk, there is no need for others to offer support
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