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Secret Academy Episode - Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain is one of few who has aimed his goals to change the world through innovation and technology, rather than simply making money. Naveen is a serial entrepreneur – some of the companies Naveen has founded are Moon Express, World Innovation Institute, Viome, TalentWise, Intelius, and InfoSpace. Naveen teaches that a successful business idea should target long-term problem solving, rather than short-term symptom solutions. Naveen is a philanthropist and aims at promoting broader awareness and drive to learn in order to help humanity revolutionize itself and solve the world’s biggest problems.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The definition of “Entrepreneurship”
  • How is a “Social Entrepreneur” different?
  • How technology is converging
  • Entrepreneurship has no geographical boundaries
  • Why the cost of providing solutions is much cheaper today
  • How you don’t need a degree to become an expert
  • It’s sometimes best to have no experience in an industry you want to jump into
  • Why every one of Naveen’s start-ups are in different industries
  • Why Naveen’s passion is not aimed at one industry
  • How to find your passion
  • Why many entrepreneurs are providing solutions that are NOT good long-term
  • How to differentiate between providing a solution for a symptom or a root problem
  • Why antibiotics and self-driving cars are disruptive solutions
  • Our education is not broken, it is simply outdated
  • Why it’s better to teach HOW to learn instead of WHAT to learn
  • What happens when a country restricts technology and innovation
  • The more AWARE you are, the further you can dive in order to address the REAL root of a problem
  • A single technology has the ability to disrupt MULTIPLE INDUSTRIES
  • Why you must consider the secondary effects of your solutions
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