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Secret Academy Episode - Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees is an American/Panamanian startup founder. He is a co-founder and former CEO of the bitcoin company Coinapult, a company that transfers bitcoin via email and SMS. Erik is one of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency movement, founding one of the first bitcoin/altcoin exchange companies - He is also the founder of the controversial betting site, Satoshi Dice, which was sold to an anonymous investor in 2013 for 126,315 bitcoins - valued at $11.5M ($997,762,816.58 as of Nov. 17th). This was considered to be the first big bitcoin acquisition. Erik has appeared on highly acclaimed documentaries such as Banking On Bitcoin and The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why cryptocurrency is labeled as one of the most important inventions in humanity’s history.
  • The differences between cryptocurrency and fiat currency.
  • How bitcoin is regulated compared to how banks and politicians regulate money.
  • How banks use money created out of thin air and lends it to people.
  • Why bitcoin will become the main currency used by humanity in the future.
  • Why bitcoin is better to use instead of cash in some cases.
  • The barriers bitcoin needs to overcome to become a mass used currency in the future.
  • What people should be aware before entering the cryptocurrency market.
  • Why people should learn and understand bitcoin before investing in it.
  • Best documentaries to watch to learn about bitcoin (Banking on Bitcoin, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin).
  • Best technical books to learn about bitcoin (Mastering Bitcoin, How Money Got Free, Digital Gold).
  • Why understanding the value that bitcoin can bring humanity is more important than investing on it just for the ROI.
  • Why fiat currencies have failed, and will fail, when bitcoin matures as a currency.
  • Bitcoin’s volatility compared to midsize and blue chip stocks.
  • Erik’s predictions on bitcoin for the next 12 months.
  • Which particular industry has made the biggest advancements in cryptocurrencies.
  • How smart contracts work in cryptocurrency.
  • What other currencies can be a straight competition to bitcoin in the future.
  • How the bitcoin blockchain network works when transferring bitcoins between users compared to buying and selling them.
  • How safe bitcoin’s network is in regards to hacker attacks.
  • What hardware wallets are and how they are utilized with cryptocurrencies.
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