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Secret Academy Episode - Ryford Estores

Ryford Estores first signed up for Secret Entourage after seeing one of our promo lifestyle videos. Realizing that the Academy was truly a place to pick and choose the entrepreneurs you’d like to learn from/follow, he made his choices wisely and set out to learn all he could from them. Through his search with our 200+ teachers, Ryford happened to find Stephen Key, another successful consumer goods/ licensing entrepreneur. He reached out to Stephen, telling him he saw his interview with the Academy. Fast forward two years later, now Stephen is Ryford’s mentor and Ryford’s business has now crossed the $3Million mark and growing faster than ever thanks to features on TV Shows such as QVC. Ryford was able to succeed because he was constantly hungry for knowledge, he used a combination of crucial skills such as resilience, tenacity, dedication, and determination to get his dream to turn into a reality. Now Self-Cut Systems is nearly a household name thanks to the constant work that Ryford puts into his brand each and everyday. If you want to see proof that the Academy really does work and can change everyone’s life who takes advantage of it, then look no further than Ryford Estores.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to find your next mentor using the Academy.
  • How to leverage not only your own network but those around you as well.
  • How to use the “see a need, fill a need” philosophy in product development.
  • How to create a product even if you don’t know what product you want to invent.
  • How to choose the right manufacture for your product.
  • The hiccups you should expect when first trying to develop your product.
  • How to get supplies for your product.
  • What the steps are to get your first prototype out.
  • How to make your product stand out against others in the same market.
  • How to determine the best channel to sell your product on.
  • How to pick those that you offer your product to in order to help boost your sales.
  • How to price your item at first.
  • Someone can copy your product but they cant copy your drive.
  • How to get your product in the hands of larger distributors.
  • How to not fear your own evolution.
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