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Secret Academy Episode - Charles Darius

People say it all the time “oh so-and-so is an overnight success” but are they really? Charles Darius has been in the design business for over a decade before finally hitting a home run with his jewelry line that he actually created with the sole purpose of wearing for only himself. He saw a need in his own life that wasn’t fulfilled by anything on the market, so he decided to make his own. Now Charles has his own jewelry line that got it’s starting capital of over $100,000 on KickStarter in just 20 short days. Even though Charles competes in an oversaturated market, he is able to set himself apart from the other brands because of his message, demographic, and determination which he has decided to now share with us.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • See a need, fill a need is a great way to start your own business if you don’t have any ideas.
  • The need you have could be the same need many other people had.
  • Belonging to a saturated marketplace can actually benefit you and your growth.
  • Just because someone else is making a product similar to yours doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.
  • How to figure out your target demographic.
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition in your market.
  • How to hire the best team members to build your company.
  • How to manage people to bring out their best abilities.
  • Always continue to expand your knowledge on your market place.
  • Having multiple ideas is great, but you have to prioritize which ones you bring to life first, even if they aren’t the most exciting ones to you.
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