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Secret Academy Episode - Isaac Lidsky

Some of you may already know my guest today, Isaac Lidsky was on one of America’s favorite TV shows Saved By The Bell starring as Weasel in the hit SitCom series. However a diagnosis of eventual blindness rocked his world, he left the acting industry he had known since he was a child to pursue business in a greater realm. On the cusp of the economic decline in 2008, it became clear to Isaac that the potential to buy a small business was better now than it ever had been before. The real estate market had crashed and thus his idea to buy a residential construction firm came to fruition. Now Isaac has had time to learn and gain expierence in an industry that we don’t usually talk about here in the Academy, and he wants to share that knowledge with us.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Life doesn’t happen to us.
  • How to live with your eyes wide open.
  • What its like to be a child actor.
  • How to be the master of your own reality.
  • Sometimes even the most elite jobs don’t make us truly happy.
  • How to juggle work and family.
  • How to capitalize on a recessionary period.
  • What exactly a residential construction company is.
  • How to be a logistics focused company.
  • How to use your obstacles as your best teachers.
  • How to understand a construction companies finances.
  • Sometimes you can’t be taught a lesson, you just have to live through it.
  • How to thrive and grow in a cyclical industry.
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