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Secret Academy Episode - Robert Hartline

Back in 1994 Robert started on this entrepreneurial journey by going out knocking door to door asking everyday people if they needed a cell phone. Now for my younger viewers, back then, the answer was usually “no”. The only people who needed a mobile phone then were doctors or lawyers, high power professionals mainly. So another skill arose, he could CLONE cellphones. This means he could clone the number onto a separate device to allow you to own 2 phones but only pay for 1. Once he got you sold on that at $150/pop he would take you out to his car and sell you chargers, car adapters, etc right out of his trunk! But as the times changed and phones became necessities in everyones life, including most 12 year olds for some reason, Robert had to adapt. He evolved his business time and time again to meet the ever changing needs of the phone market. He did some business to business work, then moved on to phone repair stores on a brick and mortar basis, and when asked if he would do it all again knowing who fast technology advance this day in age, he said “yes.” Find out why on this Secret Entourage Academy episode.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to evolve your product/service as the times change.
  • How to adapt from a b2b market to a retail market.
  • What is the phone sales marketplace really like.
  • Is the phone flipping/repairing service still a good industry to be in as technology is evolving.
  • People will buy from those who consistently provide them value.
  • What is the future of cell phone sales.
  • Don’t forget the value of knowledge vs dollars.
  • How to build an effective team that is ready for growth.
  • Leaders always need to be thinking.
  • How to decide the feeling you want to create for your customers purchasing your product.
  • Never underestimate word or mouth between customers and potential clients.
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