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Secret Academy Episode - David Ciccarelli

David Ciccarelli set out with one goal in mind, to change the game of the voice-over industry. Designing and building a platform that allows voice actors from all over the internet to upload their audible resumes for clients to access. Everything from audiobooks to commercials are covered under Ciccarelli’s platform. However, Ciccarelli’s vision was first to just have a recording studio to do audio needs for musicians, he soon realized that the human voice is the over all audio king, not just music. With the help of his now-wife Stephanie, David has turned his early goal of a recording studio guru into the reality of running at the industry’s leading site in voice-over hiring and recordings.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Take an underutilized industry and make It your marketplace.
  • Be flexible with your vision in the beginning stages.
  • Even if your initial website/design isn’t perfect, it’s better to have something out there for people to see.
  • Be sure to look at the bigger picture of where your business stands in the market.
  • Be willing and humble enough to realize your goals may change over time.
  • Be sure to adapt to changes in the market-space that you can’t control.
  • Use advancements in technology and cultural phenomenon’s to better scale your business.
  • Good and well thought out branding is essential to recognition in any market place.
  • If you are in a customer-dictated space then be sure to listen to them about the conditions of the market from their eyes and take feedback.
  • Always be looking 5 years to the future for new possibilities and applications that could potentially sling shot your business.
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