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Secret Academy Episode - Michael Dermer

Michael Dermer left a promising law career with a prestigious New York law firm to fix the healthcare system by starting IncentOne – the first company to provide financial rewards for healthy behavior. Michael sold IncentOne and his company was credited with creating the health rewards industry. What resulted was not only a business success, but perhaps more importantly the discovery of a unique method on how to thrive under the pressure, chaos, and burden of being the entrepreneur. The Lonely Entrepreneur was born.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How IncentOne was created
  • 2 factors that helped Michael believe in his idea
  • The key moment that made him realize that this idea is worth it
  • Tips for people looking to start health care companies
  • Growing the company during a recession
  • How to prepare for the unforeseen
  • The book “The Lonely Entrepreneur” – The “4 P’s” of an entrepreneur
  • Perspective plays a huge role on success
  • Being an entrepreneur is lonely
  • Advice to people who do not have an idea
  • Tips for people who are going to start a business today
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