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Secret Academy Episode - Doug Cohen

At the age of 21, Doug Cohen launched Flud Watches form his mom's basement after dropping out of high school in New York. Known for his passion for music, but with a desire for fashion and apparel, Doug went the non traditional route of creating a line of watches instead of t shirts like many clothing entrepreneurs of his time. Leveraging his connections and a bit of hustle resulted in musicians repping his brand which eventually resulted in partnerships with the likes of Disney and National Basketball Association. You can now find Flud Watches in major retailers offline and online.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How the business went from moms business to major retailers
  • Why watches, which is more competitive, is better than T-Shirts
  • Why networking is key to your success, from beginning to end
  • How to overcome production obstacles and learn from them
  • Why it's better to hire experts than do it all yourself
  • The harsh reality of public education and college
  • What it takes to land a deal with big brands like Disney
  • Why self-belief is the most important thing in business
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