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Secret Academy Episode - Joe Huff

Joe Huff always knew he wanted to help others, but philanthropy was never in his cards. So rather than centering his life about trying to figure out how to get money to give back to others, he took the entrepreneurial path that lead him to founding LSTN Sound Co. A company that creates beautiful and functional audio headsets, and for every purchase Joe and his company help to give back to communities all over the globe, by blessing these peoples with the ability to listen to not just music, but the world around them for the first times in their lives.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to build a business around a charitable idea.
  • How to work effectively with a co-founder.
  • What exactly is philanthropy.
  • Networking techniques to use when involved in a charitable market space.
  • Finding your passion through traumatic life events.
  • People buy more with emotion than they do with logic.
  • A moving story can build an emotional audience.
  • How to compete with billion dollar brands.
  • How to leverage editorial marketing.
  • How to work in the charity/non-profit space.
  • Most people want to be involved in “do good” work, so know how to capitalize on that relationship.
  • If you have a great product and a great story, don’t hesitate to send out your product to those who seem interested in working with it.
  • Good mission and good product = success.
  • How to deal with copycats in the product space.
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