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Secret Academy Episode - Nan Lin

Nan Lin had great ambitions from a young age. At age 17 he started working for a real estate company as a telemarketer, which helped him build vital communication skills. He eventually got promoted to loan officer and was able to save up to buy his own home in cash. Several people approached him to help them also buy houses and seeing this as a great opportunity, Nan started a real estate investment company named Kaizen Capital. When the housing market crashed, he went back to school at the urging of his parents, and it was there that he was recruited into network marketing. He found great success in network marketing, and it was through this network that he was approached by a student to help start an electronic dance music (EDM) company. Nan couldn't think of a single reason why he shouldn't invest in this business now known as Electric State of Mind; he was able to combine his love of EDM with his passion for business. Electric State of Mind is a rapidly growing EDM event production company hosting events throughout the state of California.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What you need to tap into an already established industry
  • The process of hosting their very first event
  • How he runs Electric State of Mind as an event production company but also a networking marketing business
  • The breakdown of revenue between events and network marketing
  • How to generate revenue through the network marketing side of the business
  • Creating a new vertical by opening up a sister company to ESM utilizing the same resources
  • Learning the skill sets and applying those to something you love to do
  • Success is five successful streams of income
  • The one thing that he feels has contributed to his success as an entrepreneur
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